E D W A R D  K H A C H I K I A N

Was born in 16 December, 1928, Yerevan, Armenia  

Academician of  National  Academy  of  Sciences  of  Armenia (NASA). Professor of Yerevan State University, 

Principal investigator and head of scientific group of V.Ambartsumian Byurakan astrophysical observatory (BAO) 

of National Academy of Sciences of Armenia.





e-mail address - khache@bao.sci.am

Telephone - 224-216; 641-405; mobile phone (093)321-106

Address: 375012, H.Kochar St., 25, ap.15.Yerevan., Rep. of Arm. 



Graduated  from Department of Astrophysics, 1951, Yerevan State University (Armenia);

Ph.D. (Candidate of Physical-Mathematical Sciences), 1957, Leningrad (St.Petersburg) State  University (Russia);

Doctor of Physical-Mathematical Sciencies,1975,Yerevan State University (Armenia).  



1951-1952                               Junior Research Associate, BAO.

1952-1955                               Post-graduate student, Leningrad State University (Russia)

1955-1959                               Junior Research Associate, BAO.

1960-1969                               Scientific Secretary, ABAO.

1969-1980                               Head of Department of Astrospectroscopy, BAO.

1962- 1982                              Associate Professor,  Yerevan State University

1980-1985                               Dean of Physical faculty, Yerevan State University

1982-                                       Full Professor of Astronomy, Yerevan State University

1985-1988                               Head of Department, Leading Research Associate, BAO.

1988-1993                               Director of  BAO.

1993-                                       Leading astronomer and Head of Scientific group, BAO.

1999- 2003                              Director of  BAO.

1999- 2003                              Chairman of Scientific council of BAO.

1999 -                                      Chairman of Special scientific council of BAO on award of Doctor degree.

1999- 2003                              Member of  Bureau of Department (Branch) of physical-mathematical and  technical sciences of  NASA

2003-                                        Scientific Adviser of Director of BAO.



1962 (two months)          Visiting astronomer, observatories Potsdam and  Tautenburg, GDR

1963 (two months)          Visiting astronomer, observatories Potsdam and Tautenburg, GDR

1967-1968 (ten months)  Visiting astronomer, observatories McDonald,  Kitt Peak, Palomar, Lick, USA

1971,1972,1975                 Visiting astronomer, observatories Potsdam and Tautenburg, GDR

1973 (May-Oct)               Visiting astronomer, observatories McDonald,  Kit Peak, Palomar, Lick, USA

1974                                   Head of Delegation of astronomers of USSR Academy of   Sciences in Berlin(Germany), Discussion of  Scientific

                                            cooperation between astronomers of  Germany and USSR

1974                                   International Colloquium of  CNRS No263, Review Report by  Invitation (with Dr.D.Weedman, USA)

1979                                   Head of  Soviet Delegation of Astronomers on the Soviet-Finland astronomical conference, Kevo, Finland

1979                                   Visiting Professor, Academy of Sciences of Bulgaria (one month

                                            lectures in  different  Institutes and in National observatory).

1979                                   Visiting Professor, Academy of Sciences of Italy (one month  lectures in different Institutes).

1983 - 1992                        President of  Committee of Astronomical Council, Academy of Sciences of USSR: "Physics and Evolution of

                                            Galaxies and  Metagalaxy".

1983                                   Member of  organizing committee of commission No28  “Galaxies”  of   International Astronomical Union (IAU ).

1987                                   Invited report on the International conference "New  Idea in  Astronomy", Venice, Italy.

1991 – 1994                       President, International Astronomical Union (IAU) Commission  No28 "Galaxies"

1993 (two months)          Visiting Professor, Cornell university, Department of  Astronomy, Ithaca, USA

1993                                   Visiting Pprofessor, Inviting lectures on the scientific  seminars of the Universities: Stanford, Boulder, Texas, Cornell as well 

                                           as in National  Radio-Astronomical Observatory (NRAO )  (  Charlottesville ), Carnegie Institute in Washington ( all in USA ).

1993                                   Visiting Professor, Inviting lecture in Physical Center, Sacley, France

1993                                   Visiting Professor, Cornell university, Department of Astronomy,  Ithaca, USA

1995                                   Visiting Professor, Astrophysical  Institute,  Potsdam,Germany

1997                                   Visiting Professor, Inviting lecture in Physical Center, Sacley, France.

1997                                   Visiting Professor, Cornell university, Department of  Astronomy,  Ithaca, USA.

1999                                   Invited speaker  on  one day Symposium  dedicated  to 60th anniversary of  Prof.Terzian  birthday.

                                            Cornell university, Department of Astronomy, Ithaca, USA.

2003(one month)             Visiting Professor, Inviting lecture in Naval Observatory, Washington, USA.

2004                                   Visiting Professor, Inviting lectures in  Institute  for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences  (IASBS) in Zanjan and 

           on the Meeting of Iranian  Astronomical  Society in Ferdowsi University of Mashhad ( IRAN).

2003                                   Member of SOC and Inviting talk of International  Astronomical  Workshop: AGN VARIABILITY FROM

           X-RAYS TO RADIO WAVES”, Crimean Observatory, Ukraine.  



 Participant of IAU General Assembly (GA), Moscow ,1958.

·Participant of IAU General Assembly (GA), Berkley, USA, 1961.

·Participant of IAU General Assembly (GA), Prague, 1967.                                                                                                                                                                                             

·Member of IAU, from 1967.

 Member, Scientific Organizing Committee(SOC),IV European Astronomical Conference Uppsala,   Sweden, 1978..

·Head of Delegation of USSR astronomers, IV European Astronomical Conference, Uppsala,  Sweden,1978.      

·Member of SOC, IAU Colloquium No 78, Asiago, Italy, 1983.

·Head of  Delegation of USSR astronomers, IAU Colloquium No 78,Asiago, Italy,1983.

 Member, Committee of Time-Allocation for 6-meter Telescope of Academy of Sciences of USSR (now Russian Academy of Sciences),  from 1983.

·Member, SOC, IAU Symposium No 119, Bangalore, India,1985.

· Member, Organizing Committee of IAU Commission  No 28 "Galaxies",1985.

· Chairman of SOC and Chairman of Local Organizing Committee(LOC), IAU Symposium No 121, Byurakan, Armenia,1986.

· Member, Bureau of Astronomical Council, Academy of  Science of USSR, 1986.

·  Editor of Proceedings of Symposium  No121  of  IAU “ Observational Evidence of Activity in Galaxies ” ( co-editors K.Fricke, D.Melnik).1987.

·  Member, Scientific Council "Ground Optical Astronomy", AS of USSR, from 1988.

·  Member, SOC,IAU Symposium No 134,Santa-Cruz,USA,1988.

·  Head of  Delegation of  USSR  astronomers, IAU Colloquium  No 124, Alabama, USA,1989.

·  Member of  Delegation of Armenian Academy of  Sciences on the "First World

  Congress of Armenian Scientists and  Engineers",  Los Angeles,USA,1989.

·  Participant of GA of IAU in Buenos Aires, Argentina , 1991. Elected of President of Commission No28, “Galaxies”.

·  President of the commission No28 “Galaxies” of IAU. 1991-1994.

·  Member, International Advisory Committee, XIII-th  Moriond Astrophysical Meeting "The Cold Universe", Les Arcs, France 1993.

·  Chairman, SOC of Joint Discussion No 5, XXII-th General Assemble of  IAU,  The Hague, The Netherlands,1994.

·  Member of the Committee of the Division VIII "Galaxies and Cosmology" of  IAU, 1994.

·  My name is included in the Twelfth Edition of Marquis "Who is Who in the World"(1996).

·  Participant of GA of IAU in Kyoto, Japan, Poster. 1997.

·  Chairman, SOC of  IAU Symposium No194: " Activity in Galaxies and Related  Phenomena", dedicated to the 90th anniversary 

  of  V.Ambartsumian. 1998, Byurakan,  Armenia.                          

· Editor, Proceedings of  IAU Symposium No 194 :" Active Galactic Nuclei and Related Phenomena" (with Ye.Terzian and D.Weedman). 1999.

· Participant of GA of IAU in Manchester , England 2000.

· Deputy Editor of the scientific journal of National Academy of  Sciences of Armenia  “ ASTROFIZIKA”, 2000.

· Chairman, SOC of  IAU Colloquium  No184 “Surveys of Active Galaxies”, Byurakan , Armenia. 2001.

· Editor of the Proceedings of IAU Colloquium  No184 “Surveys of Active Galaxies”  (with D.Sanders & R.Green). 2003.

· Participant of IAU General Assembly in Sydney, Australia, 2003, invited lecture.

· Member of SOC of International Astronomical Symposium, 2004 : "AGN VARIABILITY FROM  X-RAYS TO RADIO WAVES"

 and invited lecture :  "On  variability of Markarian 6" .

·Main Editor of Communications of Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory.

 Adviser of 12 graduate students, 8 from which already have defend  of  Ph.D. thesis (candidate nauk)  and one Doctor of sciences.

·I have published more than 160  scientific articles ( see  Bibliography )

·My name is included in the book "The Cosmic Century: a History of Twentieth  Century Astrophysics and Cosmology "  (2006) (Cambridge University Press). 

  In this book  are included and discussed the most outstanding works of scientist in field of Astrophysics and Cosmology.  



1.    By National Academy of Sciences of Russia: “For the investigations of Active Galaxies”(1990).

2.  Armenian Engineers and Scientists of America  Presents its 1998 Victor  Ambartsumian Achievement Award  t o

     ACADEMICIAN EDWARD KHACHIKIAN   for his outstanding contributions to the field of Astrophysics.

3.    By ESO ( EUROPEAN SOUTH OBSERVATORIES) : “ For the investigation of  groups of galaxies”(1993-1994).

4.  ANSEF 1. {Armenian National Science & Education Fund (USA)} (2001).

5.   ANSEF 2. (2004).

6.    ANSEF 3. (2006).

7.   "The Badge of Honor "

8.    The Medal for "Distinguished public service during the Great  Patriotic War 1941-45 years".

9.    "The Honorary Diploma of the Supreme Soviet of the Armenia".

10.  The Honorary Diploma of the NASA of the Armenia – " Govestagir  ".

11.    The Honorary Diploma of the NASA of the Armenia - " Wastakagir " ( "Services to Science")


THE SHORT MAIN SCIENTIFIC ACTIVITY (in the subject  “Observational Astronomy”)                                            

The scientific activity of Prof. E.Khachikian covers different sphere of astrophysics. The objects of his investigations are diffuse and cometary nebulae, dust nebulae, comets, normal and active galaxies, Seyfert and Markarian galaxies, stellar associations and superassociations (Gigant HII regions), violent starburst regions and so on.

Prof.E.Khachikian is outstanding observer, who had a chance to observe with the largest telescopes in the USA, Russia and Germany ( see below).

More than 160 scientific articles and reviews have been published  as a result of his scientific activity.

At the beginning of his scientific career in 1955, E.Khachikian for the first  time detected, that the radiation of the Crab nebula (M1) strongly polarized   [1]. Using not large Schmidt camera ( 20 cm) and new method of photographic observation with two-stories plate-holder he discover, that the polarization of Crab nebula rich in some places up to 50-60%! Well-known astrophysics I.Shklovski in his book “Supernova stars” [2] write:  “ …. E.Khachikian discover that the degree of polarization changes over the nebula  reaching for the some regions to record higher for the astrophysics volume 50-60%! Moreover Khachikian for the first time discover, that in the same large region of the nebula the directions of electrical vectors are very much close to each other, which indicate  significant uniform of magnetic field in Crab nebula -  the result fairly unexpected!…” This result conclusive confirmed theoretical prediction by I.Shklovski synchrotron mechanism of radiation of this nebula. This result of Khachikian stimulated the work of Garibyan and Goldman [3], in which it was shown theoretically that by synchrotron mechanism of radiation the degree of polarization can reach 73%. One year later J.Oort and Th.Walraven [68]  confirmed  

Khachikian’s result.  

Pioneer works of E.Khachikian on spectrophotometrical and polarimetrical investigations of cometary nebulae  are also well-known  [4-11].  Together with an American astrophysicist from Calthech J.Greenstein he with collaborators discovered anisotropic outflow from the nuclei of cometary nebulae NGC 2261 R Моn and Bernes 48 [12- 17], using high quality spectrophotometric data observed with 5 m Palomar telescope.  For the first time he discovered in NGC 2261 forbidden  double emission lines[OII] λλ 3726 и 3729, which gave possibility at once to estimate electron density in NGC 2261 / 18, 19 /.

At the end of 1960th the field of Khachikian’s  scientific interests turn to   extra-Galactic astronomy. In 1967- 68 ( during 8 months ) and then  in 1973 ( during 6 months ) Khachikian visited in USA and with the largest  telescopes in Mc-Donald (82-inch and 2.7 m ), Kitt-peak (84-inch and 4 m ),   Palomar ( 5m and 42-inch ), Lick ( 3m and 36-inch Crosslay ) carried out   the important observations of number of galaxies with strong ultraviolet   excess (UV- galaxies), discovered in BAO by Dr.B.Markarian at the beginning of 60th. Besides he made large number of observations with 6 m. telescope of  Special Astrophysical Observatory(SAO) of  Russia and with the largest in the world 2m Schmidt telescope of Tautenburg observatory  German .

      As a result of these enormous observations E.Khachikian received  following significant results :   

1)     In the course of observations in Mc- Donald and Kitt-Peak observatories in 1967-68 among the first 70 UV- galaxies  six  new Seyfert(Sy) galaxies have been discovered ( No 1, 3, 6, 9, 10 and 42 in the  Markarian’s first list of UV- galaxies ), that of, the number of known that time Sy galaxies increased almost two time! Moreover No 9 and No10 by absolute luminosity filled up the gap which was existing between normal giant galaxies and Quasars. E.Khachikian after these discovers have been invited  for the talk on International Conference about Sy galaxies in Tucson [20](Arizona, February 1968)[ 21]. In this Conference the UV-galaxies from Markarian list E.Khachikian named as “Markarian galaxies”( Mark.9, Mark.10 ) [22-25], which now is used everywhere in astronomical literature.

2)     Together with American astronomer D.Weedman he ascertain the fact that 10% of UV-galaxies from Markarian list turn out to be Sy galaxies [26,27]. As in BAO have been discovered 1500 UV-galaxies therefore lot of Sy galaxies have been discovered, which gave E.Khachikian and D.Weedman possibility for the statistical investigations. As a result they discovered two type of Sy galaxies: Sy1 and Sy2, the physical nature of they differences still  to the last is not clear. This classification is accepted in the astronomical literature ( see for example D.Osterbrock [28 ], B.Peterson [29], I.Robson [30] ) and included in J.Hopkins: “ Glossary of Astronomy and Astrophysics “, 1976[31] with the foreword by Nobel Prize S.Chandrasekhar,( under the title “Seyfert Galaxies”).

3)     E.Khachikian with D.Weedman for the first time published “ Atlas of  Seyfert galaxies” [32].

      4)     For the first time in the history of Astronomy E.Khachikian together with D.Weedman observed the ejection from the nucleus of  Sy galaxy Mark.6 (during 

              one  year) a Hydrogen cloud with the velocity 3000 km/s, as a result of this event new broad emission components of  Hydrogen Balmer emission lines have 

              been detected [33, 34]. After this work Mark.6 became the object of intensive study [35-37]. E.Kachikian together with V.Ambartsumia and   N.Yengibarian 

              suggested a theoretical model for the explanation of this phenomenon[38]. 

              In the summer of 2004 in Crimean observatory {Ukraina) took place International Conference on  variability of active galactic nuclei (AGN) and E.Khachikian

              was invited for the talk as a one of founder of spectral variability of AGN.

5)     E.Khachikian on the base of his observation for the first time makes the spectral classification UV-galaxies [22].

6)     The great significance had for the understanding the physics  and evolution of AGNs  the article of E.Khachikian and H.Arp (USA) on Mark.94 [39]. They have shown that Mark.94 is NOT a nucleus of galaxy, but it is just the Superassociation(SA) in spiral galaxy III Zw 0834+51. Later Khachikian with K.Sahakian detected and in detailed investigated some ten this type of objects among UV-galaxies [40-43]. It is known, that SA exist in nuclei of galaxies as well as in intergalactic space ( so called Sargent – Searle objects [44]). According to Ambartsumian conception on origination of stars and star-complexes from protostellar dens matter ( Ambartsumian et all. [45] ) E.Khachikian came to idea that protostellar bodies exist everywhere in the space. He maintains that one of form of activity of galaxies is  formation  of SA.       

7)    The number of articles of E.Khachikian ( carried out with his collaborators during last two decades ) on discovery and detailed spectrophotometrical and photometrical investigation of UV- galaxies with double and multiple nuclei have of great importance for the cosmogony ( 46-61) . The main results on these objects partly are expounded in the reviews and articles, published in Proceedings of International Astronomical Union (IAU) Symposiums: No 44 (1972), [25] ; No121 (1987) [62]; No 194 (1999)[63]; No217 (2004) [58]; in colloquium IAU No 184 (2002) [64]; as well as in international conferences: “ STAR AND STELLAR SYSTEMS” (1979)[65]; “NEW IDEAS IN ASTRONOMY” (1988)[53]; in the Proceedings of French Symposium “ THE COLD UNIVERSE” (1994) [56]. In these works on the base of  large observational material, carried out with large telescopes, the physical nature of same  double and multiple nuclei UV-galaxies interpreted by unusual large activity of central parts of galaxies in contrary to widespread opinion that double-nuclear and multinuclear galaxies are the result of casual mergers and/or colliding of independent two or more galaxies. This idea was popular 50 years ago when well-known American astronomers Baade and Minkowski[66] identified radio-source Cygnus-A with double-nuclear galaxy and suggested idea of colliding. But then this idea was refused by many astronomers ( G.Burbidge, I.Shklovski) ( see for example [67] ). 

        Latest works of E.Khachikian and his collaborators [38, 56-61, 63] convince  that in many cases in the central morphologically complicate regions of active galaxies with double and multiple nuclei as well as in double-nucleus galactic systems there are no  any indication for the casual mergers and/or colliding of independent galaxies. E.Khachikian discover so many double and multiple nucleus that well-known  American astronomer-observer Margarit Burbidge in her comment to E. Khachikian’s talk ( [53] p.118 in   “Discussion” ) said: “It is very fashionable at the moment to talk about “mergers” of galaxies to  explain unusual morphology, but it seems to me that there are too many of  these double nuclei for them to be accounted for as “mergers“ of  previously separate galaxies”.

It is necessary to note that the last works of E.Khachikian with co-   authors  [59, 60]  once more conform the statement that there are  double-  nucleus objects (Mark.266, "twin-galaxies") and  active physically connected galactic systems (Mark.261, Mark.262 with surroundings), where are absents  any  evidences for  the casual  colliding or merging of galaxies.

    Prof. E.Khachikian since 1968 was teaching in V.Ambartsumian Astrophysical Department of Yerevan State University different courses of astrophysics (stellar astronomy, general astrophysics, telescopes and astronomical receivers, extra-Galactic astronomy. At present he is teaching for the students of the last class the extra-Galactic astronomy and cosmogony.



you can find in Curriculum Vita of E.Khachikian, but bellow we give more important data            

1. 1980-1985        Dean of Physical faculty, Yerevan State University

2. 1988-1993        Director of  BAO.

3. 1962- 1982       Associate Professor,  Yerevan State University

4. 1982-                Full Professor of Astronomy, Yerevan State University

5. 1993-                Leading astronomer and Head of Scientific group, BAO.

6. 1999- 2003       Director of  BAO.

7. 1999-                Chairman of Special scientific council of BAO on award of  Doctor degree.

8. 2003-                Scientific Adviser of Director of BAO

9. 1982-1993        President of  Committee of Astronomical Council, Academy of Sciencies of  USSR:

                             "Physics and Evolution of Galaxies and Metagalaxy".

10. 1991-1994      President of Commission No28 "Galaxies" of International Astronomical Union (IAU)

11.   1993             Visiting Professor, Inviting lectures on the scientific  seminars of the Universities: Stenford, Boulduer, Texas, Cornell as well as in

                             National Radio-Astronomical Observatory (NRAO )  (  Sharlotswille ), Carnegi Institute in Washington ( all in USA ).

12. 1967              Member of IAU. Prof. Khachikian was: Chairman of SOC-s and Editor of Proceedings of IAU Symposiums:

No121: « Observational Evidence of Activituy in Galaxies » ( co-editors K.Fricke, D.Melnik), 1987, Byurakan , Armenia;

No194: " Active  Galactic Nuclei and Related  Phenomena", (co-aditors D.Weedman Ye.Terzian), 1999, Byurakan, Armenia:  and IAU Colloquium;

No184:  “Surveis of Active Galaxies” (with D.Sanders & R.Green). 2002, Byurakan , Armenia.

· Chairman of SOC of Joint Discussion No 5, XXII-th General Assemble of  IAU, The Hague, The Netherlands,1994.

· Deputy Editor of the scientific journal of National Academy of  Sciences of Armenia “ ASTROFIZIKA”, ( from 2000).

*  Adviser of 12 graduate students.

His name is included in the book “The Cosmic Century: a History of Twentieth  Century Astrophysics and Cosmology” (2006) (Cabridge University Press).

In this book  are included and discussed the most outstanding works in field of Astrophysics and Cosmology.


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