E l m a  S.  P a r s a m i a n  (Parsamyan)

                         Was born in 23 December, 1929, in Yerevan


FAX:             56-92-81

E-mail:     elma@sci.am, eparsam@bao.sci.am

Telephone:22 32 87

Address: Rep.Armenia, Yerevan,  prosp.Bagramian,75, ap.16

Direction:  378433, V.Ambartsumian Byurakan

Astrophysical Observatory, Rep. Armenia


1. Academical Formation.

1938-1948 - School, Yerevan, Rep.Armenia.

1949-1954 - Student at the State University of Yerevan, Faculty of Physics and Mathematics.

1957-1960-postgraduate student (aspirant)  at V.Ambartsumian Byurakan  Astrophysical Observatory (ABAO).

1963 - PhD-Faculty of Physics and Mathematics, State University of Yerevan, Armenia.

1983 - Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, V.Ambartsumian Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory (ABAO).

1989 – Professorship (Full Professor), State Committee of Education, Moscow.

Languages:  Armenian, Russian, English, Spanish.  (Germany- poorly).


2. Positions:

   1954-1956, 1961-1966 - Junior scientific researcher (ABAO).

   1967-1985 - Senior scientific researcher (ABAO).

   1985-2000 - Leading scientific researcher (ABAO).

   2000- up to day- Principal scientific researcher (ABAO).



1983-1987 - Head at Cheir of Astronomy  and  Theoretical Physics in Armenian Pedagogical Institute of Yerevan.

1989-1991 - Full professor at  Yerevan State University ,  Armenia.

1991-1995 - Investigador Titular "C", INAOE, Mexico.


      Main Fields of Interests:

     1. Gaseous Nebulae.

     2. Variable Stars

     3. Archaeoastronomy.


3. Educational Experience:

3.1. Lecturer on:

        1967-71 - Astrophotometry, Faculty of Physics and Mathematics, Yerevan State University.

       1983-88 - General Astrophisics, History of Astronomy Armenian State Pedagogical Institute,

       1990-91 - History of Astronomy, Yerevan State University.

       1992 - Non-Stable Objects, INAOE, Mexico.  “    - Variable Stars, INAOE, Mexico.


3.2.   PhD degree Thesis Adviser and Director:

3.2.1.    Spectral Studies of Stars, Connected with Cometary Nebulae. V. Petrosian, 1984, (ABAO).

3.2.2.    Astronomical Observations in Medieval Armenia. A. Barsegian, 1989, Moscow.

3.2.3.   Armenian Calendar. G.Brutian, 2005, (ABAO).



1.  1976  International Astronomical Union (IAU). Comissions:

                               1. Variable Stars,

                               2. Star Clusters and  Associations.

2.   1976 –2005 Byurakan Observatory Special Council For Doctoral Thesis Defence.

     2005 - 20016 - Presidente

3.   1985 - 1988 - Vice-President of Working Group "Flare Stars" of Stellar Physics Comission of Academies of Scince of Socialist Countries.

4.   1986 - 1991 - Council of Astronomical Personal Preparation (CAPP), URSS. 

5.   1988 - 1992 - Member of Editorial Board of “Istorico-Astronomicheskie Issledovanija”

      (Historic-Astronomical Investigations}, Moscow, Edition Nauka.

6.   1990  -  European Astronomical Society (EAS).

7.   1990  -  1992 - Soviet Scientists Comittee for Global Security, USSR.

8.   1990  - 1992 -Scientific Metodological Council in Astronomy for Universities and Institutes,  USSR.     

9.   1995  - The New York Academy of Sciences.

10. 1996  -  Russian Astronomical Society (RAS).

11. 2000 -   Member of Editorial Board of  J. “Astrofizika” (Astrophysics).

12. 2000 -  Corresponding-member of Armenian  National Academy of Science.


Recognitions, Diploms:

1.  1948 – Gold Medal- School. 

2.  1950 - University of Erevan, (Acknowledgment).

3.  1969 - Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, (UNAM) (Agradecimiento).

4.  1969 – Naedine so Vselennoj(Alone with Univerce), Vanda Belezkaja,  Sbornik “Skvoz Godi I Buri” str. 170, Moskva

5.   1979 -  Medal “Za Doblestnij Trud”, (USSR)

6.   1979 – “Blizkie Zvezdi” (“Near Stars”). Armenfilm,

 7.  1981 – Armenian National Academy of Sciences, “Govestagir”,(Acknowledgment).

 8.  1985 - Diploma of Stellar Physics Comission of Academies of Sciences of Socialist Countries,  (Acknowledgment).

 9.  Dictionary of International Biography, Cambridge, England:

            Twenty Second Edition, 1991/92

            Twenty Tirth Edition, 1993/94

            Twenty Fourth Edition, 1995/96

 10.  1996 - National Academy of Science, 50th Anniversary of V.Ambartsumian Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory,


 11.  1997 – International Star Registry (Switzerland, USA)  Redesignate Star Number Serpens

      RA 17h 53m, Decl 14o48’ to the Name - Elma Parsamian.

12.  2000 – Inclusion in Reference Title  “ 2000 Outstanding Scientist Of The 20th Century”, Cambridge – second  Edition.

13.  2003 - Armenian Encyclopedia, Second Edition, v.IV, 183.

14.  2003 – Medal of Anania Shirakazi (Armenia).

15. 2006 – “Nshanavor Hajuhiner”, S.Avagjan, p.240, Yerevan.  

16.  2007 – “Who is Who”, Biographycal Encyclopaedia, v.2, p. 314, Yerevan, Armenia.     

17.   2009 – Armenian Astronomical Society (ArAS), ArASNews #36

18.   2010 – “Nvirum”(Devotion). Presidium of Armenian National Academy of  Sciences (ANAS),

     Division of Physics and Astrophysics of ANAS, V.Ambartsumian Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory

     Of ANAS. “AZG”, 23 December, 2010, Armenia.


  4. Scientific Production:

4.1     Colorimetry of the Cometary Nebula NGC 2261. E.S. Parsamian. Byurakan Obs. Contr., 30, 51-65, 1960.

4.2     Polarimetry and Colorimetry of the Nebula NGC 2245.  E.S. Parsamian.  Byurakan Obs. Contr., 32, 3-15, 1963.

4.3     Polarimetry and Colorimetry of the Nebula NGC 2247.  E.S. Parsamian. Byurakan Obs. Contr., 32, 17-24, 1963.

4.4     Colorimetrical and Polarimetrical Investigation of  Some Cometary Nebulae. E.S. Parsamian. Doctoral Thesis (PhD), Yerevan, Moscow, 1-105, 1963.

4.5     Colorimetrical and Polarimetrical Investigation of  Some Cometary Nebulae. E.S.Parsamian.  Autoreferat of Doctoral Thesis, Yerevan, 1-10, 1963.

4.6     New Measurements of Polarization of the NGC 2261.  E.E. Khachikian, E.S. Parsamian.  Byurakan Obs. Contr., 35, 71-73, 1964.

4.7     List of Cometary Nebulae, Discovered on Palomar  Charts.  E.S. Parsamian. Izvest. Academy of Science of Armenia, XVIII, N2, 146-148, 1965.

4.8     Colorimetric Study of the Cometary Nebulae  Anon 6h 04m.  E.E. Khachikian, E.S. Parsamian. Astrofizika, 1, 417-428, 1965

4.9     On Variability of Some Stars in the Orion Region.  L.V. Mirzoyan, E.S. Parsamian. Variable Stars, 15, 470-473, 1965

4.10    Polarization of the Nebula IC 446. E.S. Parsamian. Astrofizika, 2, 369-371, 1966.

4.11    Three New Flare Stars in the NGC 7023 Nebula Region.  L.V. Mirzoyan, E.S. Parsamjan, O.S. Chavushjan. Astron. Circ., N399, 3-5, 1967.

4.12   Colorimetry of Nucleus of Galaxies NGC 3310 and NGC 3351.   E.S. Parsamian.  Astrofizika 3, 529-534, 1967

4.13    Ancient Armenian Observatory.  E.S. Parsamian, K.A. Mkrtchian.  Sky and Telescope, November, 1967.

4.14    Old Rocky Constructions In Metsamor.  E.S.Parsamian, K.A. Mkrtchian.  “Zemlja y Vselennaja”, Acad.Sci.USSR, 3,11-12, 1968 .

4.15    Three New Flare Stars in  NGC 7023 Region.  L.V. Mirzoyan, E.S. Parsamian, O.S. Chavushian. Byurakan Obs. Contr., 39, 3-9, 1968.

4.16    Colorimetric Investigation of the Nebula IC 446. E.S. Parsamian. Byurakan Obs. Contr., 39, 10-18, 1968.

4.17    Flare Stars Near NGC 7023.  L.V. Mirzoyan, E.S. Parsamian.  Non  Periodic Phenomena in Var. Stars.  IAU Colloq. N4, Budapest, 165-167, 1968.

4.18    New Flare Stars in  NGC 7023.  L.V. Mirzoyan, E.S. Parsamian, N.K. Kalloglian.  Astron. Circ. URSS, N 485, 7-8, 1968

4.19    On Classification of Nucleous of Some Elliptical Galaxies. E.S. Parsamian. Astrofizika, 4, 150-152, 1968

4.20    New Flare Stars in the Region Around NGC 7023.II.  L.V. Mirzoyan, E.S. Parsamian, N.L. Kalloghlian. Byurakan Obs. Contr., 40, 31-34, 1969.

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4.26.   On Possible Astronomical Significance of the   Platforms of Mezamor (Armenia).  E.S. Parsamian, K.A. Mkrtchian.

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  # Byurakan Obs.Contr.= Soobshch.Byurakan Obs.

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5. Participations on International  Conferences,  Symposiums and Presented Talks

5.1   Non-Stable Stars Symposium. September, 1956, Byurakan, Armenia.

5.2   X General Assambly of International Astronomical Union (IAU),  August, Moscow, 1958.

5.3   Non Stable Fenomena in Galaxies, Symposium of IAU, Byurakan, 1966, Armenia.

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5.6   Symposium on Multiperiodic Stars, September, Konkoly, 1975, Hungary.

5.7   Variable Stars Symposium IAU, N67, Moscow, 1975.

5.8   Flare Stars Symposium, "On the Possibility  of Age Determination of Aggregates by Flare Star Observations",

        E.S.Parsamian, Byurakan, October, 1976.

5.9   Star Cluster Symposium, "Determination of the Age of Clusters by Observations of Flare Stars",

        E.S.Parsamian, Budapest, 1977.

5.10 Flare Stars, Fuors and Herbig-Haro Objects,International  Symposium,  Cometary Nebulae, "Study of Cometary Nebula

        P21", E.S.Parsamian, V.M. Petrosian, Byurakan, Armenia, May, 1979.

5.11 Star Cluster Symposium N88, IAU, "Flare Stars in Evolved Clusters",

        E.S.Parsamian, Victoria, Canada, 1979.

5.12 Third Latin-American Conference on Astronomy,  "Flare Stars in Stellar Associations and Clusters and Their Place in

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5.13  Conference on Physics and Evolution of Stars, "New Flare Stars in NGC 2264",

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5.14  Flare Stars and Related Objects International Symposium, Byurakan, October, 1984, Armenia.

         1."New Flare Stars in the Mon1 Association",  E.S.Parsamian, L.Rosino, O.S., Chavushian.

         2."Peculiar Stars in the Orion Association Region",  E.S.Parsamian, H.A. Pogosian.

5.15  Star Clusters and Associations Symposium, "H-R Diagram for Pleiades Flare Stars",

         E.S.Parsamian , Sofia, Bulgaria, May, 1985.

5.16  XIX General Assambly of IAU,  November, 1985, Delhi, India.

         1."Flare Stars in Clusters and Associations", (Invited  Talk)., L.V.Mirzoyan E.S.Parsamian.

         2.Ancient Astronomy in Armenia, E.S.Parsamian.

5.17  Star Cluster Symposium, "Fuorlike Variables in Orion Association",

         E.S.Parsamian, Vishegrad, June, 1989, Hungary.

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         1."Subfuors in Orion Association", K.G. Gasparian, A.S.Melkonian, G.B.Oganian,E.S.Parsamian.

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5.22  Circumstellar Matter, An International Conference in  Celebretion of the Centenary of the Royal Observatory of

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5.23  Circumstellar Discs, Outflows and Star Formation, IA-UNAM Meeting, Cozumel, Mexico, 28 Nov-2 Dec 1994.

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5.24  Fresh Views on Elliptical Galaxies

         International Congress, March 14-17 1995,  Tonantzintla, Mexico.

5.25  International Symposium on 50 Anniversary of Byurakan  Observatory. June 1996, Yerevan.

5.26  Activity in Galaxies and Related Phenomena. IAU Symposium N194,  August 1998, Byurakan Observatory.

5.27 Oxford VI & SEAC 99 Conference on “Astronomy and Cultural Diversity”, held in La Laguna (Tenerife), ed.  

        by J.A. Belmonte and C.Esteban, July, 1999. “On Ancient Astronomy in Armenia”. Elma S.Parsamian

5.28 AGN Survey, IAU Colloquim N184, June, 2001, Byurakan  Observatory.

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        “Flare Stars in Clusters and Associations”. Elma S. Parsamian.

5.30  “Ancient Astronomy in Armenia”, JENAM, Yerevan, Armenia, 2007,Elma S.Parsamian



6.  Participation on  National (Soviet Union Countries)  Conferances, Symposiums, Colloquiums and Presented Talks.

6.1.   Stellar and Nebular Physics Conference. Leningrad, February ,1957.

   2.   Stellar and Nebular Physics Conference. Byurakan Observatory, September ,1961 .

   3.   Stellar and Nebular Physics Conference .  Baku,September,1965 .

   4.   Flare Stars Colloquium.  Leningrad ,June,1966 .

   5.   Stars, Nebulae, Galaxies, Symposium. Byurakan, September, 1968.

   6.   Nonstable Stars,Symposium. Zelenchuk,1970 . "Flare Stars in Pleiades", E.S.Parsamian.

   7.   100-th Anniversary of Odessa Observatory. Odessa, September ,1971 .

   8.   Joint Astronomical Colloquium of Byurakan Observatory and Moscow Astronomical Council. Byurakan,1976.

   9.   Joint Astronomical Colloquium of Byurakan Observatory,Moscow Astronomical Council and Leningrad University.

         "Flare Stars Age", E.S.Parsamian . Crimea, 1978.

 10.   Stars and Nebulae Conference. "Study of Several Cometary Nebulae", E.S.Parsamian, Kiev,1980.

 11.   50-th Anniversary of Astrophysical Department of Leningrad University. Leningrad,1984

 12.   Conference on History of Astronomy. "Archae-Astronomy in Armenia", E.S.Parsamian. Abastumani,1985.

 13.   Astronomical Catalogs,Conference. "Astronomical Catalogs of Byurakan Observatory". E.S.Parsamian. Riga,1985.

 14.   Paleoastronomy in Pribaltica Countries. "Ancient Astronomy in Armenia".  E.S.Parsamian. Vilnius,1987.

 15.   History of Astronomy . "Astronomy in Armenia in III-rd Millenium B.C." E.S.Parsamian. Pulkovo Observatory,


 16.   100-th Anniversary of Vernadsky .  Odessa, 1988.

 17.   III-th Conference of Soviet Scientist for Global Security. Moscow, November,1990.


6.2.   Joint Astronomical Colloquium of Byurakan Observatory and Leningrad University Astrophisical Department.

6.2.   Flare Stars in Stellar Aggregates. E.S.Parsamian.

         1. 1983-Byurakan Observatory.                                                                                      

         2. 1984-Leningrad. “Flare Stars in Stellar Aggregates”.  E.S.Parsamian.

         3. 1985-Byurakan Observatory. 

        4. 1986-Leningrad.  Fuorlike Variations of Sugano's Object. E.S.Parsamian


6.3     Joint Astronomical Colloquium of Byurakan and Abastumani Observatories:.

6.3.1 1976- “Determination of the Age of Flare Stars”,  E.S.Parsamian, Abastumani,

      2. 1978-Byurakan Observatory.

      3. 1982-"Variable Stars in Orion Assocations", E.S.Parsamian, Tbilisi.

      4. 1983-Byurakan Observatory

      5. 1984-"Age-Flare Energy Relationship".  E.S.Parsamian.  Abastumani Observatory. 

      6. 1985-Byurakan observatory.

      7. 1987-Byurakan Observatory.

      8. 1998-Byurakan Observatory.

      9. 2003- Byurakan Observatory.


6.4.   Astronomical Personal Preparation Council of the Academy of Sciences (USSR). 

6.4.1. 1979-Telavi.                 6. 1987-Nikolaev.

      2. 1982-Crimea.                7. 1988-Vologda.

      3. 1983-Poltava.               8. 1989-Zvenigorod.

      4. 1984-Zvenigorod         9. 1999-Leningrad.

      5.  1986-Penza

7.      Scientific Visits at Different Observatories and   Presented Talks .

7.1.  Abastumani Observatory, October ,1956,Georgia,USSR.

7.2.  Abastumani Observatory, December 1959-January 1960,Georgia,USSR.

7.3.  Tautenburg Observatory, Germany, February - May,1965.

7.4.  Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM), Tonantzintla Obsevatory,

        "Colorimetric and Polarimetric Investigation  of Cometary Nebulae". October 1968 - April 1969.

7.5.  Konkoly Observatory, "Flare Stars Study in Byurakan Observatory". E.S.Parsamian.  December 1969,Hungary.

7.6.  University of La Plata, Cordoba Observatory, San Juan Observatory, September ,1974. Argentina.

7.7.  Instituto de Astronomia, Optica y Electronica (INAOE),  Tonantzintla.

       "New Method of Flare Stars and Clusters Age  Determination". December 1976 - May 1977,Mexico.

7.8.  Instituto de Astronomia, Optica y Electronica (INAOE). Tonantzintla  "Ancient Astronomy in Armenia",(UNAM).

       July-November, 1981,Mexico.

7.9.  Asiago Observatory, University of Padova, "Flare Stars Age Determination", 1982, Italy.

7.10 . Archetry Observatory, Florence  "New Cometary Nebulae", 1982, Italy.

7.11.  Vatican Observatory, Castel Gandolfo, 1982, Italy

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7.13. "Flare Stars in Stellar Aggregates" (INAOE),  December 1989-April 1990,Mexico.

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7.15. Department of Astronomy, University of Cornell, USA, June 1994

7.16. Centre of Astronomy, University of Massachusetts, USA. June 1994

7.17. Harvard-Smithsonian Center of Astrophysics, USA. June 1994

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7.19. Max-Planck Institut Für Astrophisics, Heidelberg, July-September 1996           

7.20. Instituto de Astrophysica de Canarias (IAC), Tenerife, July, 1999  “On Ancient Astronomy in Armenia”.  


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