Applying for the time

The telescope is open to the entire astronomical community. To get the time on a 2.6 m telescope, it is necessary to submit the correctly filled out the application form. The schedule of the observations will be posted on the website on October 15-20 for I half year and on April 15-20 for II half year. In case of a refusal, the applicant will be provided with information on why the application was not accepted.

During the observations, the presence of at least one of the co-authors of the program is mandatory. The copyright to the obtained observational data is removed after 1 years.

BY-LAWS (in armenian)    

Deadlines for applications for the first half of the year from August 1 to September 30, for the second half of the year February 1 to March 31.


In order to improve the performance of the telescope, after the observations should be filled and sent the

   Committee members

The ZTA-2.6 m telescope Program Committee formed by Directorate of BAO on April 17, 2017, N 57.

Dr. E.H. Nikoghosyan - Chairman, Scientific secretary, elena@bao.sci.am
Dr. T.A. Movsessian - Senior Researcher, tigmov@bao.sci.am
Dr. K. S. Gigoyan - Senior Researcher, kgigoyan@bao.sci.am
Dr. S. A. Hakopian - Senior Researcher, susanaha@bao.sci.am
Dr. M.V. Gyulzadyan - Researcher, mgyulz@bao.sci.am
G.M. Paronyan - Junior researcher, paronyan_gurgen@yahoo.com
N.A. Azatyan - Secretary, Junior researcher, nayazatyan@gmail.com

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