European Astronomical Society

JENAM 2007

Armenian Astronomical Society

Joint European and National Astronomy Meeting

20-25 August 2007


"Our non-stable Universe"



Yerevan, Armenia


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There are 33 hotels in Yerevan, most equipped with modern facilities. The best hotels are Ani Plaza, Ararat, Aviatrans, Bass, Congress, Europe, Golden Palace, Golden Tulip Yerevan, Hrazdan, Marriott Armenia, Metropol, Sil, etc. The prices for a single room in these hotels range from equivalent of 50 to 150 Euros per night. Cheaper hotels offer rooms for 30-40 Euros. Though strangely most of the hotels offer high prices, but in fact they offer excellent conditions compared to these prices (checked by the JENAM LOC!). Note, the payments are required in local currency only, Armenian Drams (AMD, on 1.03.2007 1 Euro = 465 AMD), and the exchange rates may be changed. However, the JENAM organizers will discuss for possible payment in Euros, which will be more convenient in sense of fixing the amount beforehand.  

During the high season, the Yerevan hotels are full and almost do not offer discounts, however the JENAM-2007 organizers have got some discounts (5-12%) for a limited number of rooms at 12 hotels (see the table for actual number of available rooms in each hotel for JENAM-2007). These are those hotels situated at walking distance from both the city centre and the YSU, venue of the JENAM-2007 (see the table for distances). If you make your reservation through LOC, you will get special rates (some of the hotels have not yet announced prices for 2007). In addition, the JENAM buses will take you every morning from these hotels (having large number of guests) to the YSU. Other hotels have not been considered because of larger distances from the city centre and the YSU (meeting venue) or the small number of available rooms; lodging in these hotels will not be convenient for the organization of transportation.

For lower prices, the Yerevan State University (YSU) Guest House will be offered, where you can share a room with 1, 2, or 3 other participants (as well as in some other hotels). Dormitory rooms in the Envoy hostel in Yerevan and the Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory (BAO) hotel may be offered for participants with financial difficulties as well (note, Byurakan is 35km far from Yerevan, however, the organizers will arrange the transportation for every day). Here the guests may share a room with 1, 2, or 3 other persons.

The Accommodation Form will be available after January 15, 2007.




Dist. centre Dist. YSU JENAM-2007 reservation
 Ani Plaza Hotel


600 m 400 m

70 rooms

 Ararat Hotel   500 m 1.4 km

10 rooms

   Areg Hotel   500 m 1.0 km  
   Arma Hotel   1.5 km 700 m  
   Avan Villa Hotel   2.0 km 1.4 km  
 Aviatrans Hotel   200 m 700 m

20 rooms

 Bass Hotel Complex   1.1 km 1.6 km  
 Bellagio Hotel Complex   1.8 km 1.0 km  
 Congress Hotel   300 m 1.1 km

30 rooms

 Deluxe Hotel Complex   2.1 km 2.1 km  
 Dghyak Hotel Complex   4.0 km 3.3 km  
 Europe Hotel   200 m 800 m

10 rooms

 Golden Palace Hotel   1.2 km 1.2 km  
 Golden Tulip Yerevan Hotel   300 m 600 m 20 rooms
 Green Palace Hotel   600 m 1.5 km  
 Hrazdan Hotel   800 m 1.5 km 20 rooms
 Hybusiness Hotel   200 m 1.0 km  
 Latar Hotel Complex   5.0 km 5.6 km  
 Marriott Armenia Hotel   centre 1.0 km 20 rooms
 Metropol Hotel   700 m 1.6 km  
 Olympia Hotel   2.3 km 2.9 km  
   Palma Hotel Complex   2.6 km 2.1 km  
   Parev Doon   900 m 300 m  
 Regineh Hotel Complex   1.6 km 700 m 20 rooms
 Shirak Hotel   300 m 1.1 km 40 rooms
 Sil Hotel   600 m 1.2 km  
 Terjan Hotel   5.0 km 5.6 km  
 Valensia Hotel and Resort   3.3 km 2.4 km  
   Villa Delanda   300 m 900 m  
 YSU Guest House   1.0 km 700 m

30 rooms