The ZTA-2.6 telescope is the largest observational instrument of BAO. The telescope is located near vil. Byurakan at the altitude of 1406 m above sea-level. The coordinates of the site are longitude +44°16'29", latitude +40°20'29".

Main mirror diameter 260 cm
Mirror weight4 tons
Mirror materialSitall
Mounting Equatorial
Aperture ratio (D/F)1:3.85

Primary focus
Focal length 10 m
Field 2'

Cassegrain focus
Focal length 40 m
Field 4'

3 Namysh foci
Focal length 40 m
Field 12'

Coudé focus
Focal length 105.4 m
Field 1'40"

The telescope was constructed at the LOMO (Leningrad Optical-Mechanical Association, Sent-Petersburg, Russia) and actually represents the twin of the G.A.Shain reflector mounted at the CrAO. Both these reflectors, as well as the 6m telescope of the Russian Special Astrophysical Observatory (SAO) have been designed by Bagrat Ioanissian – the LOMO General constructor. ZTA-2.6 was installed in 1975 and is in operation since 1976.

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