Observing Programs

  • Polarization of cometary nebula NGC 2261
  • Nuclei of nearby Sa and Sb galaxies
  • Nuclei of nearby Sc galaxies
  • Search for flare stars in Pleiades
  • Search for flare stars in Orion
  • Search for flare stars in NGC 7000 (Cygnus)
  • Search for flare stars in Praesepe
  • Search for flare stars in Taurus Dark Clouds
  • Variability of Markarian galaxies
  • Monitoring of extragalactic supernovae in certain areas

The 53 cm Schmidt telescope is installed at an altitude of 1398m. It has both 53 cm (21 inch) correcting lens and mirror. The focal length is 180 cm (71 inch), and the aperture ratio (D/F) is 1:3.4. The field of view is 25 deg2 (5°´5°), and the scale is 114.6 ²/mm. First studies on this telescope were the detailed colorimetric observations of galaxies. Color distribution in nearby galaxies was investigated. A survey of relatively nearby galaxies to determine the degree of compactness of their nuclei was carried out. Search for flare stars in star clusters and associations were carried out in 1970s and 1980s.

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